Well, I’ve finally done it….it’s gone live now the past few hours, though I’m sure the world hasn’t caught on that I’m here via Google and Twitter!

It’s 3:25 a.m. here now, and I have to go to sleep…I’m on night shift tomorrow night, so it will prepare me for that! However I really didn’t choose (totally) to be up at this God forsaken hour, mainly I’ve been trying to get this site up and running, and still have a lot of ‘tweaking’ to do, but it’s taking shape!  I’m fairly happy with it so far, but I have to figure out how the heck I get my images to line up on WordPress, it seems very complex, but after a call to support tomorrow, I’m sure it’ll all fall into place!

So welcome to NurseNightingale.com, a website devoted to everything nursing. As a nurse myself for nearly 30 years I have always wanted to devote some space on the internet to those wonderful, hardworking individuals…both male and female…who are out there every day on the front lines of nursing.  It’s not easy, and only the very special people stay at it long after the knees, back, and shoulders give out…not to mention our sunny dispositions! Yes, I’m counting myself in those ranks, I credit most of my survival to my sense of humour.  Sometimes black, sometimes sarcastic, but always present!

Tomorrow is another day…this time tomorrow night, I’ll be making hourly rounds, and trying to stay awake!

So night night, and I’ll be back to tweak some more tomorrow. Hope you come to visit me, and tell me how I’m doing! :0)

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