Yes I really don’t mind the night shift. I’m more of a night hawk anyhow, after many years of working the evening shift…which was my favourite shift of all time. I hate waking up to the alarm screaming in my ear. It jolts me out of the wonderful place I was in and yes, I’ve tried the radio function and this is too soothing, I just fall back to sleep. My friend at work uses this, and says it’s great, but she works steady days (nurse facilitator) so her body is tuned to pretty much the same time of waking daily. We shift workers who bounce back and forth continually, can’t get our systems used to anything!

I loved evening shift, afternoon shift, or 3-11…whatever you call it where you live,….it was wonderful. I could sleep in, and got home at a reasonable time, but I could never go straight to sleep, I had to watch t.v. for a while to get relaxed. That’s how I became a night hawk.

Now, I find that even on day shift, I can’t get to bed much before midnight…I’m tired, but I tend to go on the computer and work on my stores, or catch up on emails, or create more designs, anything but sleep! I don’t know why, it’s something to do with my time at home being precious and I stave off the coming 12 hour shift by staying up…? I don’t know.
I’m nearly dead when I get up in the morning, but once I’ve had a shower I’m not too bad…then after about 2-4pm I start flagging again!

When I worked evenings, I must point out, they were only 8 hour shifts…but I worked up to 8 of them in a row! It had to do with the way our schedule was set up, we had to take our days off in certain blocks, and have 2 out of 5 weekends off, so it forced us to work 7-8 in a row. We would have only two days off, and because then we did self-scheduling, I would give myself four days off once a month as a break, (Sat.Sun.Mon.Tue.) it worked for me. Plus I could control how many day shifts I worked, and make it 3 days and 4 evenings…which also gave me a little break in the middle. You have to get creative!

Now I’m on a so-called master schedule, that sucks! They’ve changed our ‘master’ so many times since it started….now have just changed our line again….I’m so annoyed because I had booked vacation for rest of year so I could forget about the ‘deadlines for posting’…and now have to re-book it again! Ugh!

The only good thing about 12 hours is that there’s no more than 3 in a row. And before any of you say…well, what about all those extra days off…one week I work 2 twelves, and the next I work FIVE! (not in a row). So they kind of cancel each other out!

Yes, I like nights much better…going in tonight…hope it’s quiet. Even nights where I am…in psychiatry…can be hectic…depending on how full the Moon is!” :0)

Note: (and yes I’m leaving this spelling of ‘favourite’ the way it is, because in Canada that’s the way we spell it! British influence…plus I’m British born! LOL!
I switch the spelling of words a lot as I deal with mainly Americans on my shops and blogs, it’s easier than getting comments like “hey you spelled that wrong”…but sometimes I get tired of it y’know!)

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