Hello everyone…I have to update you on “Meditech Hell” which I was in recently!
It’s now been a couple of months, and things have become a little easier…not perfect by any stretch…just easier.
I would say I have floated up to “Meditech Purgatory” where I am guessing I’ll remain for quite some time! It’s nice here in M.P. …we all smile everyday at the thoughts of not having to do all that paperwork any more, and there’s a collective sigh of relief that we don’t have to check all those millions of med. sheets for errors every Tuesday night! (I used to hate Tuesdays)
We have a little more time now at the end of the shift, as in I’m not still there 20-30 mins. after my shift ends working for nothing, trying to catch up on my charting and other assorted tasks. Still not excessive amounts of time for the patients 1:1 chats, but better.

But I have to say, the glitches are still continuing, the med. cart computers are still painfully slow at times, and the scanners don’t scan at all at other times, or will allow you to make a mistake when it is supposed to catch it, and we are still fighting over computers with scanners…we have two med. carts, and one other scanner that can attach to a pc out in the nursing station, but you have to take out meds. to that spot to pour and that’s a pain. There’s a lot of ‘back-and-forth-ing’! Not time efficient. Plus it’s easy to get side-tracked out there in the ‘fish bowl’ as patients see you, and if they see you, even though they can see you’re working on something important, they will knock repeatedly at the door and windows to get your attention, usually for something they think is vital….like a “juice”, or “cigarette”.

We have some small ‘notebook’ things that are the next thing to useless for me, as they’re so small, it’s hard to see with bifocals! Plus half the time the scanners on them don’t work.
If we’d been given 5 small carts for the 5 nurses on shift, that would’ve been perfect.
Of course we have a tiny med. room…from back in the day when there was only one med. nurse (and I wish there still was some days)….and so there’s nowhere to put 5 carts, but we could find another room to put them in I’m sure.
Anyway…there’s a lot I still can’t figure out on Meditech, but here in M.P. we aren’t concerned with that…we’re just happy to be finally out of Meditech Hell…(smiles blissfully).