If you think it’s bad here in North America, click on this link entitled ‘Govt freezes salaries of student psychiatric nurses’ in Malawi.
Have you ever heard of anything so outrageous?
They obviously have a desperate need for psychiatric anything over there, and after reading the article, I think some of those hospital and govt. officials should be strenuously assessed for their mental stability!
Now they are going to just blithely knock these nurses off of their payrolls as if they never existed, and not pay them from FEBRUARY/10!!!
So from Feb. 2010 to now they’ve worked for nothing?

I just shake my head in disbelief that this can happen…they don’t have a union it’s obvious, and no one to stand up for them, as the story said the Minister of Health didn’t seem too concerned until ‘something crossed his desk’ about it…I tell you…we should be counting our blessings we don’t live there! That story just disgusts me.
I hope those nurses in Malawi get some kind of help soon…