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After a lot of work by (mainly) a fellow Zazzler by the name of Lisa from LisaMarieArt, and a bit by yours truly….the nursing products from my store are showing up! Yay!
I am so happy, and really, I couldn’t have done it without Lisa and her brother Paul, thanks so much to both of you…I’ve thanked them privately….but feel the need to do it again publicly! What generous souls they both are. Zazzle is actually full of generous souls that share their wisdom continually with each other…it’s a great place to be!

So now I can continue to keep you updated on my store and on other Zazzler’s products…so many talented designers, and cute, funny, and just plain beautiful designs.
I also will add and update the cards in the Greeting Card Universe section…more wonderful artists on that site. I’m so lucky to belong to both of these communities.
So, now off to the market as I’m having visitors!
I don’t think I’ll ever wipe this smile off my face….:0)

Well folks, this is it…I’ve been working on this for quite a while now, and I think I’ve got it! Yes shades of Pygmalion….ie. “By George, I think she’s got it!”

I’m hoping that after this post is done, my Zazzle store will show up loud and clear…keep your fingers crossed!

EDIT:  Nope…back to the drawing board….grrrr!!  At least I’ve got some cool new videos for you to watch!


Welcome to nursenightingale.com!

I am so happy you dropped by, whether accidentally or with a purpose in mind, because I know you will have an interesting browse through these pages once you’re here!  You might even decide to bookmark this site…as I plan to add more and more exciting stuff for nurses as time goes on.

This site is brand new, and will grow, but for now it will offer nurses a place to come and read great articles,  find informative links, plus shopping opportunities and at the very least have a good laugh, because I think we all need something to lift our spirits now and then.

The lady to your left is of course Florence Nightingale, the wonderful nurse this site is named after.  She was quite a lady, and in my mind encompasses everything we strive to become as we enter the nursing profession.  I have included her life story, and some interesting facts about her, and the work she performed so well.

Grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage and sit back and relax…and welcome again! :)

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