This post will be short and sweet…as I’m expecting my son and my fiance to burst through the door at any moment full of their excitement and tales from their evening at the local football game!
I have added three new videos under the title “Stress Relief”…I thought it might be nice to give you a page to unwind in front of, and therefore am focusing on beautiful vistas, music, and stress relief tips. With possibly some guided meditations in the works, something you can do while sitting in front of your computer, or relaxing in with your laptop in bed, or in your favourite easy chair.
Of course I can only pick videos that appeal to me…so if you want something in particular, please leave me a comment. If there’s anything for that matter you would like to see on this site, as I’m trying to tailor-make it for nurses…please feel free to leave me a message.
Well…here they come….bye for now! =)