It’s been about three months since my last post. I feel very bad about that, but my life and work…especially the latter, have always gotten in the way of keeping up with my needs, wants, and desires.
Well that is about to be a thing of the past.
I will finally, after three decades of nursing in Psychiatry, be retiring! Yes…I said RETIRING!
It has come out of the blue, and I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say that I was given an opportunity due to lay-off’s in my facility, for early retirement…and I’m grabbing it with both hands, and possibly a scissor-hold of the legs just to be sure!
I have a new chapter beginning in my life, and it will be filled with all the things I love to do most…travel, photography, sleeping, creating art (manual/digital), writing, gardening, sleeping, walking, spending time with friends, reading, doing anything fun, did I mention sleeping? Plus of course, and this is my actual priority…spending more quality time with my fiance and my family.
Now when I started this blog, all about nursing, which has been a very large part of my life…for over half my life in fact…I had no clue that this was going to happen. It is indeed a minor miracle, as I’ve been hoping and praying for such a thing, but even so…it took me by surprise. As we all know, we pray for things, and hope like the dickens, but part of us really doesn’t believe it can materialize!
I believe in Treasure Maps, or Vision Boards as some call them, and I’ve had one for many years that I update around New Year. I have made a Squidoo lens about it actually… click here if you’re interested in making one for yourself…and I can tell you this ‘miracle’ has been on it for a few years! Sometimes it takes quite a while for things to manifest, and in fact I have not been following my own rules on this, I haven’t been looking over the Treasure Map daily and focusing and telling myself that these things are coming to me. Which is why I’m sure it’s taken so long! I would remember it now and then and change the date on when I wanted it to happen, updating each year when it didn’t happen, and removing the items that had come into my life. Looking at it only now and then isn’t really enough, daily is much better. The more you focus your mind on something and visualize it coming to fruition, the quicker the Universe will help you to manifest it by putting the puzzle pieces into place.
But I digress….(a bad habit!)…I started this blog for nurses, and now I will be a retired nurse, or maybe…a casual part-time nurse depending on how my finances go! However, I will keep this going, and writing about nursing, my experiences, and thoughts and putting up any good articles or videos I find…and lets face it, I’ll have much more time now to find them (grin), although I hear you’re busier in retirement than when you’re working? Hmmm…well, I will still make time for this blog, and will also be working on my store over at Zazzle where I have a section devoted to nurses and in fact right here on my NurseNightingale site if you look above at the menu, you’ll see there are gift ideas for nurses of all types from me and other talented shopkeepers at I love making new designs for nurses, and especially for nurses week, and naturally I’m partial to psychiatric nurses so I try to include items for them that are respectful and not just the same old ‘psychiatric nurse joke’ type stuff I see everywhere which at times I find most annoying, depending on how crude or tasteless it is!

Anyway, that’s my latest news…I still have a few shifts left to work, and I haven’t really had time to get my head around it as it’s come up so fast, but every day it gets a little more real! It’s definitely going to be strange not having my life structured in this way, and I’ve thought recently, as I drive down the road I’ve driven down for 30 years, the road that leads to the hospital… ‘I’m not going to drive down this road ever again!’ As someone said to me the other day, “It’s surreal!” Yes…it is surreal, I can’t quite believe it myself, but it’s happening…and boy am I happy and grateful!
P.S. I won’t miss Meditech one little bit!