On this page you’ll find some of my cards from my store AvisNoelleDesigns on GreetingCardUniverse an on-line card store where you can not only find just about any type of card to meet your needs, but you can also customize the inside of the card and write a note to the recipient or  change the verse the artist wrote.  Plus if you wish,  you can contact the artist and have them make you a custom card!

Think that’s pretty good…well there’s more! You can even mail the card straight from the site! That is the beauty of GCU,  (as we artists call GreetingCard Universe)…you can do one stop shopping because everything is right at your fingertips, and there are also reminder services attached to GCU, so you never have to forget an occasion ever again!

I’m going to show you my cards partly through a widget that randomly displays my cards, and updates as I make new ones, and partly through featuring my nursing related cards…for Nurses Week and the like.

I am also going to promote some of my fellow artists as they have so many beautiful varied cards I couldn’t begin to tell you about them all here. I think the best thing is to show you a small selection of the vastness that is GCU! There are over 3,900 artists at the Universe…and over 337,000 cards!  Below are a few, more to come! Remember, I myself am a working nurse…so bear with me while I get this site set up to my satisfaction!

If you have any suggestions for cards or other items such as mugs, mouse pads, T-Shirts etc. that you’d like to see here, or any comments you may have…please feel free to leave them on the site and I’ll reply when possible.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy your visit to NurseNightingale.com